Classic Car Boot Sale

My friend asked me if I wanted to come to the Classic Car Boot Sale on Southbank with her. Luckily I said yes because the weather turned out to be gorgeous and the event was great.

We mainly went to take photos. These kinds of events are great to practice portrait photography skills – first ask nicely, then shoot! I hadn’t done this for a while and could feel that I was out of practise. First my camera broke (luckily I had a back up camera on me from my collection) and then I didn’t have enough rolls of film. Luckily my friend helped me out.

There were a lot of people dressed in 50s or 60s vintage outfits. Whole families including little kids that looked like they had just arrived via a time machine from another decade. And most people were happy to have their photo taken.  I’m sure the sun helped and put everyone in a good mood.

All photos shot on my Olympus Trip 35 camera on 35mm film.

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