A visit to SPIN London

SPIN is a cycling exhibition that last took place in The Old Truman Brewery in East London at the end of March. It’s an annual event. I popped in for a couple of hours because I was interested in all the cycling related little shops that were exhibiting. There were a few actual bike shops and lots of clothes and crafty shops – all related to cycling. And I’m talking about the ‘lifestyle’ type of cycling rather than the competitive ‘lycra’ type of cycling.

For some reason there is an unwritten rule that cycling and coffee go together. I still haven’t really understood where this is coming from but there seems to be universal agreement among the cycling community. So in addition to the obligatory coffee stand, a cycling related art gallery had a picture that was painted with coffee. Way to combine these two favourites! Read about the coffee painting workshop

I personally cycle to work whenever I can but I probably fall more into the lycra type cyclist category – I usually wear sporty outfits and reflective neon jackets. I’m more concerned about safety than I am about looking cool. At the same time I can’t really cycle in my work dresses. It’s just not practical.

It is quite a big effort (and an expensive one at that) to be a stylish cyclist. Not an effort that I want to make – but I still enjoyed all the pretty things that were on display at SPIN.

SPIN London website

All photos shot by me on my Canon EOS 5000 camera on 35mm film.

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