Bombay breakfast at Dishoom

I do like a good breakfast and I recently had a couple of amazing breakfasts at Dishoom in Shoreditch. Dishoom describes itself as a “Bombay Café”. Persian and Iranian immigrants opened these cafés in Mumbai in the 19th century. It’s kind of a mix between Indian and Iranian food, I guess.

Indian food for breakfast, you may ask? Yes! Dishoom has developed a breakfast menu that seems exotic to your average European palate but it tastes divine.

The first time I went I had the bacon naan roll with chili tomato jam, cream cheese and herbs. The second time I had the Akuri, spicy scrambled eggs with fire toast. A coffee and a breakfast lassi to wash it down.

Next time I might have to go for the full Bombay breakfast.

Dishoom website

All photos taken by me on my iPhone 5s.

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Polaroid Week 2014

Today is the last day of Polaroid Week or ‘RoidWeek 2014 as it’s officially called. It’s a project that started on Flickr in 2006 as a celebration of instant film.

Polaroid stopped producing film in 2008 but luckily a company called The Impossible Project bought parts of Polaroid’s production facility in the Netherlands to continue producing integral film (the typical Polaroid photo which people tend to shake). However, the original Polaroid colour dyes weren’t available anymore, so The Impossible Project had to reinvent instant photos which were compatible with the old Polaroid cameras.

In the beginning, there were a lot of issues with the films whereby the chemicals didn’t spread evenly and left an undeveloped patch at the top.

Construction in the City Playground toy – Schaukeldings
Me mirroring myself in a map Street

Or the colours were very faint because the image became easily overexposed as the film was so light sensitive.

My first Spectra shot that turned out well! Spectra Blossoms 1
Union Jack waiting for the Queen's Jubilee Books

But now that the company has had a few years to experiment, they slowly figured out how to make a lot more stable films that are easier to use and have beautiful colours.

Lloyds Building



All photos shot by me with my Polaroid SX-70, Polaroid Spectra and Polaroid 635CL cameras on Impossible Project film.

Seattle: Pike Place Market

I always enjoy going to markets and one of the absolute highlights of my recent stay in Seattle was the visit to Pike Place Market. This market sells lovely food and a few crafty things like bags, paintings and general bric-à-brac but the main emphasis is on fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables. There are lots of market stalls and some small restaurants. We started off with some tasty piroges at Piroshky, Piroshky.

You can click on the photos below to see bigger versions.

The market was under cover and had lots of great neon signs advertising the fresh seafood. One of the fish vendors made a big show of throwing fish around and shouting things when someone had decided to buy something.

We tried clam chowder from a place that had won chowder competitions several years in a row. And the chowder really was excellent. We also had really good crayfish and the oyster lover in our group had the biggest oysters ever.

Definitely a place worth visiting when in Seattle.

All photos shot by me on my Olympus µ[mju:]-II camera on 35mm film.

Japan – the best of the best

Last year in July I went to Japan for the first time. And this year I finally managed to sort through my hundreds of photos and publish the best on Flickr.

Check out my Japan photo album.

Jizo Dori food stall 3

I absolutely loved Japan and I am desperate to go back. It was as amazing as I had imagined and better. Great food, cute cartoons, very polite people, great public transport, so clean!


Everyone told me that it would be very expensive but it wasn’t. I paid around £50 on average for the hotels and they were pretty good ones. Most of my lunches and dinners cost me between £4 and £6, as far as I remember. Sushi was more expensive but still cheaper than London. So it is not that expensive!


My friend convinced me to go to Fuji-Rock Festival. At first I was a bit hesitant. Why would I travel all the way to Japan and then go to a festival? There are tons in Europe! But it was the right decision to go. What an experience! It was different from European festivals. A lot better, actually. Extremely well organised and in a beautiful mountain setting. People were so civilised! I have to go back.

Fuji-Rock Festival 2013

It took me almost a year to motivate myself to scan and sort through hundreds of photos. I shot all photos on film, either 35mm, 120 or Fuji Instax film.

Hattori Shrine, Kaga Onsen

The best photos of my best holiday are now published on my Flickr account.

Check out my Japan photo album on Flickr!

Movies that I watched in April

I didn’t have the chance to watch as many movies as I would have liked to in April. Mainly due to my two week holiday – so I’m definitely not complaining.

So here’s what I watched and what I thought of it.

The Double film poster

The Double
A film about a guy with an ordinary life who isn’t noticed by anyone. Then a new co-worker arrives in his office, who is the exact physical double of the protagonist, except that he is the centre of attention. I was very intrigued by the story line. The beginning was a bit slow but it started to get interesting about half an hour into the film. And that is when the sound system broke. Unfortunately Cineworld couldn’t fix it and the manager on duty had to announce to the audience that basically the technology is effed and we can all go home. Great. I never found the time to go see it again but I really want to know what will happen! Might have to wait until it’s on Netflix. Or read the Dostoyevsky novel that it was based on.

A scientist who works on an artificially intelligent system is dying and manages to upload his consciousness to the system so he can live on. Johnny Depp trapped in an iPad basically. The trailer looked really good but the film was actually terrible. The beginning was fine and it was quite intriguing to see the lives of the scientist couple and the activities of the anti-AI terrorist group but as the film went on it got more and more absurd and ridiculous. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this.

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