Movies that I watched in April

I didn’t have the chance to watch as many movies as I would have liked to in April. Mainly due to my two week holiday – so I’m definitely not complaining.

So here’s what I watched and what I thought of it.

The Double film poster

The Double
A film about a guy with an ordinary life who isn’t noticed by anyone. Then a new co-worker arrives in his office, who is the exact physical double of the protagonist, except that he is the centre of attention. I was very intrigued by the story line. The beginning was a bit slow but it started to get interesting about half an hour into the film. And that is when the sound system broke. Unfortunately Cineworld couldn’t fix it and the manager on duty had to announce to the audience that basically the technology is effed and we can all go home. Great. I never found the time to go see it again but I really want to know what will happen! Might have to wait until it’s on Netflix. Or read the Dostoyevsky novel that it was based on.

A scientist who works on an artificially intelligent system is dying and manages to upload his consciousness to the system so he can live on. Johnny Depp trapped in an iPad basically. The trailer looked really good but the film was actually terrible. The beginning was fine and it was quite intriguing to see the lives of the scientist couple and the activities of the anti-AI terrorist group but as the film went on it got more and more absurd and ridiculous. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this.

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