Lego bus stop in London

Today I came across this awesome bus stop. I had heard about it but hadn’t seen it until today.

BIMG_6041 BIMG_6038

It’s made of Lego bricks!!!

Let’s have a closer look.

BIMG_6034 BIMG_6045 BIMG_6047

So cool! From further away it looks just like a normal bus stop but if you look more closely, you see that everything is made of Lego.

BIMG_6021 BIMG_6022 BIMG_6013

And on the inside as well.


They even created a ceiling lamp! I’m not sure if it works though.


And the bus countdown, which is normally a digital display, is made of bricks too.


This young lady is sitting on bricks.

BIMG_6030 BIMG_6029

This bus stop was created to celebrate the ‘Year of the bus’ in London. Lego used more than 100,000 bricks to build this full size, fully functional (except the digital display) bus stop.

Apparently it took 14 days to build. I wish they had made a red Lego double-decker bus to go with it.

Some more information about it is on the TfL website.

All photos taken by me on my iPhone 5s.

Jack White and The Kills in Dublin

Two of my absolutely favourite bands, The Kills and Jack White, played at Royal Hospital Kilmainham in Dublin on 26 June 2014. It was a fantastic gig.

Let’s start with The Kills:BP1010656BP1010657BP1010643BP1010654 BP1010658BP1010644

The number one Alison Mosshart fan was wearing the same shirt as her!


I also recorded a couple of videos of their songs. Here’s ‘Pots and Pans’

And here’s ‘Satellite’ (click to go to YouTube).

The Kills played for about an hour and then the stage setup for Jack White began. It was quite elaborate with all rowdies wearing matching black suits and black shirts and light blue ties.  Most props and things on stage were white with a bit of blue here and there.

Jack White requested that people don’t take photos but rather enjoy the experience. Fair enough! So I’ve only got a few of the stage set up before the show. And the rest will be words…

BJWP1010677 BJWP1010676 BJWP1010673

Jack White’s band came on stage first and started playing their instruments one after the other. And then Jack came out. Wearing a blue suit with the same blue colour shirt. While the band were playing he took his time to walk to the front of the stage and tie his black tie while checking out the crowd. He then walked over to his white TV screen in the middle of the stage, switched it on so three stripes came on, got his guitar and started playing High Ball Stepper. The crowd was engaged straight away and howled along (if you know the song, you know what I mean).

Everything on stage was white, blue or black. Except the bottle of champagne that Jack was drinking from. It had the famous orange label.

For about two hours he played songs from old White Stripes songs to new songs from his Lazaretto album.

It is interesting to watch Jack White on stage because on the one hand you would think that he would be a badass rock ‘n roll guy but on the other hand he seems super nice. Acting like a good friend towards the audience, telling stories, feeling sympathetic about the rain (it rained for four hours straight). And to his band he is a mix of a fatherly figure who seems to encourage the others and a conductor who is in full control of what’s going on. Everybody listens to Jack’s commandos.

Halfway through the set a special guest appeared on stage: Alison Mosshart. They sang ‘Love Interruption’ as a duet. It was really good although they were both struggling with the lyrics. It seemed as if this was a bit of a spontaneous performance but that made it even more charming.

Overall it was a brilliant concert. Luckily he’s coming back to London in November.


All photos shot by me on some digital camera. :-/

Broadway Market in Shoreditch




Broadway Market is definitely one of my favourite London markets. It takes place every Saturday in Shoreditch, just south of London Fields Park.

I went there a few weeks ago with some friends to taste the amazing foods and take photos.

This salmon was absolutely delicious. So soft and creamy! And the sourdough bread was very fresh.


Bimg908The cheese and charcuterie stands are beautiful and you can smell the intense cheese aroma. I was particularly impressed with the cheese bunting that this stall had!


There was a cute Japanese street food stand. Unfortunately I had already tasted too many of the other foods by the time I got to it.


While we’re talking about cute – here’s a woman tickling a dog’s belly.


The fruit and vegetable guys…


…and look at that! A German bratwurst stand. I have noticed that this stand is never very busy, so I feel a little sorry for them. But they’re still there, so business can’t be too bad.


Some of the stands sell crafts, jewellery and vintage clothing.

Broadway market

And there are buskers playing some tunes.


A great market that I can definitely recommend checking out!

More information on the Broadway Market website.

All photos shot by me in June 2014 on my Canon EOS 5000 camera on 35mm film.

My Lomo gallery

I’ve been shooting Lomo photos for a few years and wanted to show some of them on my blog.

Check out my Lomo gallery page

Glas and flowers

But what is Lomo? Lomo is short for Lomography which was dreamt up by some guys in Austria 30 years ago. They became obsessed with the LOMO LC-A Compact Automat camera, produced by a manufacturer in St Petersburg. This camera creates some unique effects and high contrast colours. The Austrian guys founded the Lomography company and became sole distributors of this camera.

Lomography Workshop: Roller Disco!

These days it is manufactured in China but it is still a great little point and shoot camera. The Lomography company has created dozens more cameras, ranging from cheap toy cameras to more expensive and more reliable cameras. All cameras are analog cameras. A big part of the philosophy is to connect people – through their online community, through workshops and parties in their stores worldwide.

I personally met some great friends in London through this community and also learnt a lot about photography. By now I have acquired a reasonable vintage and toy camera collection and have learnt how to develop my own photos.

Smiley faces


All photos shot by me using a Sprocket Rocket, Colorsplash camera and Diana Mini. These are all Lomography cameras.

Field Day 2014 in Victoria Park

On Sunday I spent the day at the Field Day in Victoria Park in East London.

The Field Day is an annual music festival which I’ve been to three or four times over the last years. It has grown significantly since the first time I went and this was the first year that it took place over two days rather than just one. On Sunday the festival was headlined by the Pixies, a band that I’ve been wanting to see play live for ages.

The festival also has some really good food stalls. I implemented a two meal strategy – I ate early, so that I could eat again later on and hence fit in two meals. The first was a Greek steak and halloumi sandwich. The second was Jamaican jerk chicken salad. Very tasty but very spicy.

We were also very lucky with the weather. It was a hot sunny day.

A London based band called Temples was playing in the afternoon. I really like them, so was happily dancing along when suddenly the man with the globe head appeared. Spot him in the photos below. Wow!

We also saw the Horrors and finally the Pixies. They played many of their famous song including ‘Where’s my mind’ as their last song. Really good!

I just had a look on YouTube and there’s already a video of the Pixies performing ‘Here comes your man’ at the Field Day. Credit: S Sunege

Also read my adventures at the End of the Road festival.

All photos taken by myself on my iPhone 5s. The video is from YouTube – credit as per above.