Broadway Market in Shoreditch




Broadway Market is definitely one of my favourite London markets. It takes place every Saturday in Shoreditch, just south of London Fields Park.

I went there a few weeks ago with some friends to taste the amazing foods and take photos.

This salmon was absolutely delicious. So soft and creamy! And the sourdough bread was very fresh.


Bimg908The cheese and charcuterie stands are beautiful and you can smell the intense cheese aroma. I was particularly impressed with the cheese bunting that this stall had!


There was a cute Japanese street food stand. Unfortunately I had already tasted too many of the other foods by the time I got to it.


While we’re talking about cute – here’s a woman tickling a dog’s belly.


The fruit and vegetable guys…


…and look at that! A German bratwurst stand. I have noticed that this stand is never very busy, so I feel a little sorry for them. But they’re still there, so business can’t be too bad.


Some of the stands sell crafts, jewellery and vintage clothing.

Broadway market

And there are buskers playing some tunes.


A great market that I can definitely recommend checking out!

More information on the Broadway Market website.

All photos shot by me in June 2014 on my Canon EOS 5000 camera on 35mm film.

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