Lego bus stop in London

Today I came across this awesome bus stop. I had heard about it but hadn’t seen it until today.

BIMG_6041 BIMG_6038

It’s made of Lego bricks!!!

Let’s have a closer look.

BIMG_6034 BIMG_6045 BIMG_6047

So cool! From further away it looks just like a normal bus stop but if you look more closely, you see that everything is made of Lego.

BIMG_6021 BIMG_6022 BIMG_6013

And on the inside as well.


They even created a ceiling lamp! I’m not sure if it works though.


And the bus countdown, which is normally a digital display, is made of bricks too.


This young lady is sitting on bricks.

BIMG_6030 BIMG_6029

This bus stop was created to celebrate the ‘Year of the bus’ in London. Lego used more than 100,000 bricks to build this full size, fully functional (except the digital display) bus stop.

Apparently it took 14 days to build. I wish they had made a red Lego double-decker bus to go with it.

Some more information about it is on the TfL website.

All photos taken by me on my iPhone 5s.

One thought on “Lego bus stop in London

  1. This is SOOOOO COOL! I love Lego! I wish I cold work for them and do nothing but build things all day. :)

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