Germany won the football World Cup. How exciting! I watched the match with my friends and supported Germany to my best ability: wearing a black-red-yellow flower necklace, eating sausages and potato salad, drinking beer, shouting at the TV, hiding behind a pillow every time an Argentine player came close to our goal.

Yet, when I came into the office on Monday and a lot of my colleagues actually came up to my desk to congratulate me on it, I was a bit confused. I mean, I’m glad that they’re happy for me but it’s not like I actually played! I just happen to be from a country which also happens to have some good football players.

And that reminded me of the time when the team that my boyfriend supports was promoted to the Premier League. The amount of text messages and emails he got to congratulate him. As if he had actually anything to do with it!

Football is a funny thing. People take it so personally.

Mitchell and Webb did a great sketch about this topic. It’s a few years old but it’s relevant as ever. Watch it, it’s brilliant.

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