Blackgang Chine – the oldest amusement park in the UK

When we were on the Isle of Wight last weekend, we went to Blackgang Chine, which is an amusement park at the south of the island. It has been in existence since 1843 apparently, which makes it the oldest amusement park in the UK.

It has a hedge maze.

b2DSCF0154 b2DSCF0155

The main rides are three water slides and a roller coaster. We went on all of them several times. And we also did the tea cup carousel ride, which left me very dizzy.

b2DSCF0175 b2DSCF0176

This is the view from one of the areas in the park. Very nice!


Other than the rides, there were different areas to explore, for example an area with paraphernalia related to nursery rhymes (which I didn’t know).

b2DSCF0165 b2DSCF0179 b2DSCF0192 b2DSCF0193

And there was a Wild West town, which was probably my favourite. I also had lunch there.

b2DSCF0227 b2DSCF0224 b2DSCF0215 b2DSCF0235 b2DSCF0229 b2DSCF0231 b2DSCF0203 b2DSCF0197

We made friends with a lot of the locals there.

b2DSCF0241 b2DSCF0167 b2DSCF0240 b2DSCF0215

I don’t really remember in which context these two guys were displayed but they are so funny! Especially that first one with the beer…

b2DSCF0244 b2DSCF0246

Overall, probably more aimed at kids but I went with the claim to fame of it being the oldest amusement park in the UK. A fun day out!

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