That time I went on holiday in high season

When my long planned holiday fell through, I had to look for alternatives on a short notice. Well, I didn’t have to but I was determined that I would go away. My criteria for that plan B holiday were:

  • a country that I have never been to
  • it needs to have beaches
  • it needs to have some opportunities for a few cultural day trips
  • not too expensive
  • not too far away
  • flights fitting in with my schedule

All these criteria were met by Croatia! And everybody says that it’s beautiful. So I booked my flights and flew the next day. Turns out, I hadn’t even considered that it would be high season and that it’s a very popular holiday destination for obnoxious families with annoying children. Who would have thought?

Here are some photos I took when I arrived at Okrug Beach, “Trogir’s Copacabana”.

CNV00005 CNV00008

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Screening of ‘20,000 Days on Earth’ at Somerset House

IMG_6436g IMG_6439v IMG_6437v IMG_6447w

Every summer, there are open-air film screenings at Somerset House. Sounds good in theory but if you know the English summer, then you know that you’re most likely going to get soaked halfway through the film.

When I went to watch ‘20,000 Days on Earth’ this week, we were very lucky and it didn’t rain at all! The atmosphere in Somerset House was lovely, the food was good and the drinks were plentiful.

It was the UK premier of this documentary about Nick Cave and his 20,000th day on earth. A day in the life of a rock star. And it was a really, really good film. I was very impressed with it and I am not even a big fan of Nick Cave. The film explored some really interesting themes. For example how he feels when he is performing on stage, how he felt when he first saw his wife and what their relationship is now, what he’s afraid of. Definitely worth watching.



Here are some more of my film reviews:

Summer film round-up

Recently released films that I watched, including two documentaries this time.

Finding Vivian Maier
A documentary about this nanny turned famous street photographer. She died a couple of years ago and a massive collection of her negatives and undeveloped rolls of film were found by coincidence. It consists of tens of thousands of images which she had never shown to anyone. She had always worked as a nanny and took photos whenever she could. When her work was found, a collector developed, printed and archived the images and they were exhibited around the world. I saw them in London a couple of years ago. The film came out in the UK last month and was really excellent. It explores what kind of person Vivian must have been, based on the photos that she took and on conversations with people who knew her. The story is told in chronological order and we slowly find out more and more about her. The same way as the collector managed to find out the information bit by bit through his detective work. Really interesting and well done!

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Owl John gig at Oslo in Hackney

Last night I saw Owl John (Scott Hutchison from Frightened Rabbit) play a solo show in a venue called Oslo in Hackney.

I have to admit – and I hardly dare say it – that I had never consciously heard a Frightened Rabbit song before but I just tagged along with a friend who’s music taste I largely trust. If he raves about them, then they must be good! Well shame on me, turns out that Frightened Rabbit are awesome.IMG_6382

And Owl John was absolutely brilliant! It was just him with a guitar but the music was captivating, exciting, dramatic, funny and just really good. I definitely didn’t feel short changed for not having other band members there because he is so engaging and really filled the stage with his presence.

I was also really impressed by how he dealt with the audience. You don’t often see a singer who calls his audience “c**ts” repeatedly, tells them off for singing along badly and yet there is a constant stream of drinks being bought for him. He drank various red cups with questionable contents – one turned out to be a Jägerbomb which he really struggled with.

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