Discovering new places in my hometown

I’m spending some time in my hometown in Germany this weekend and my parents took me to a new (to me) place today. It’s quite an impressive combination of flower shop, gift shop, home decor shop and cafe with an outside seating area.

Altes Stadthaus in Alfeld

Altes Stadthaus in Alfeld

Pflanzen zu Verkauf im alten Stadthause

It’s called “Altes Stadthaus” (= Old Townhouse). We sat outside and had coffee and a cookie.

cookie in Alfeld

Fahrrad im alten Stadthaus in Alfeld

Flowers on the table

View in Altes Stadthause

German honey

german honey

I love that old ice cream advertising!

vintage advertising for Langnese

And now excuse me while I make a call.

old-fashioned phone

One thought on “Discovering new places in my hometown

  1. Oh I am sorry I didn’t answer your call!
    Live that pic. One day you need to collect all the phone pics and do an extra post with them :)

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