Owl John gig at Oslo in Hackney

Last night I saw Owl John (Scott Hutchison from Frightened Rabbit) play a solo show in a venue called Oslo in Hackney.

I have to admit – and I hardly dare say it – that I had never consciously heard a Frightened Rabbit song before but I just tagged along with a friend who’s music taste I largely trust. If he raves about them, then they must be good! Well shame on me, turns out that Frightened Rabbit are awesome.IMG_6382

And Owl John was absolutely brilliant! It was just him with a guitar but the music was captivating, exciting, dramatic, funny and just really good. I definitely didn’t feel short changed for not having other band members there because he is so engaging and really filled the stage with his presence.

I was also really impressed by how he dealt with the audience. You don’t often see a singer who calls his audience “c**ts” repeatedly, tells them off for singing along badly and yet there is a constant stream of drinks being bought for him. He drank various red cups with questionable contents – one turned out to be a Jägerbomb which he really struggled with.


I recorded a video of him doing the Frightened Rabbit song “State Hospital”.

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