Screening of ‘20,000 Days on Earth’ at Somerset House

IMG_6436g IMG_6439v IMG_6437v IMG_6447w

Every summer, there are open-air film screenings at Somerset House. Sounds good in theory but if you know the English summer, then you know that you’re most likely going to get soaked halfway through the film.

When I went to watch ‘20,000 Days on Earth’ this week, we were very lucky and it didn’t rain at all! The atmosphere in Somerset House was lovely, the food was good and the drinks were plentiful.

It was the UK premier of this documentary about Nick Cave and his 20,000th day on earth. A day in the life of a rock star. And it was a really, really good film. I was very impressed with it and I am not even a big fan of Nick Cave. The film explored some really interesting themes. For example how he feels when he is performing on stage, how he felt when he first saw his wife and what their relationship is now, what he’s afraid of. Definitely worth watching.



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