A Japanese breakfast or why I love London

While I’m currently preparing for a big trip through Asia, I’ve recently also had very strong feelings about London. Positive feelings.

I love travelling but I love living in London as much. And I think one of the reason for it is that living in London is a bit like constant travelling. You meet people from all over the world, you can go to China Town and take in the smells of Asia (it stinks) and you can probably get relatively authentic food from almost any country in the world.

Which brings me to the lovely Japanese breakfast I had yesterday in Koya Bar in Soho.

See the breakfast menu?

my reflection in koya bar window

I had grilled hake, rice and miso soup. My friend had rice porridge with English toppings – bacon, egg and mushrooms (shiitake).

japanese breakfast

japanese breakfast

It wasn’t overly crowded in the restaurant on this Wednesday morning.

Staff in Koya bar

Chop sticks and soy sauce

I thought my shoes were a bit Japanese style.

japanese style shoes

The entrance with traditional curtains.

curtains at koya bar

Koya bar exterior OK, it wasn’t as good as the breakfasts I had in Japan last year but considering that we’re in the middle of Europe (kind of), it was fantastic.

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