A weekend by the British sea side

“Christchurch, the town with the oldest population in the UK” – or something along those lines was the headline of the article that my friend emailed me and said: This is where we’re going!

She had kindly invited me and another friend for a weekend at her family holiday home by the sea. An invitation which we of course leaped at like a kitten at a laser beam. Thanks again, Emma!

But did this also mean spending a weekend in a retirement community? Would every staircase have a little lift on the side and would there be Zimmer frames blocking up the restaurant entrances just like prams in Hampstead?

Actually, no. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful place to spend a weekend with lovely views of the sea, white sandy beaches and wonderful countryside.

Mudeford harbour Mudeford beach Fishing equipment in Mudeford


Some of the beach huts below have electricity (but no running water) and look really cosy to spend a weekend in and read books and look at the sea. They sell for £200k or more! Unbelievable.

Beach huts in Mudeford Beach huts in Mudeford Mudeford beachWe did a walk along the beach and then through these fields of heather which was really beautiful.

Heather in Mudeford Heather in Christchurch Heather in ChristchurchOther activities included drinking wine, eating nice food, riding the dodgems at a funfair and watching fireworks. Unfortunately it was too cold to swim in the sea.

I took all photos with my LC-Wide on Lomo X-Pro 35mm film.

One thought on “A weekend by the British sea side

  1. Amazing, looks gorgeous. Btw. Christchurch is the Partner town of Aalen. Which unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of sandy white beaches.

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