The big trip schedule

I have finally nailed down the route that I want to go on my two months travelling starting very soon!

After I had such a great time in Japan last year I knew that I definitely wanted to go back. And this time I’m giving myself a bit over three weeks in Japan, starting in Tokyo and then moving along the south coast of Honshu (the main island) to then explore the fourth biggest island Kyushu and ending in Osaka. Thank god for the JR rail pass which makes all this affordable.

Here are some shots from my Japan trip last year. I’m not a very stylish traveller as you can see but who cares when you can soak in hot springs and eat fish all day?

I’ll then be heading over to South Korea to spend five days in Seoul – just because it’s close, you know? Might as well while I’m over there and Seoul sounds like quite a cool place.

I’ll then fly over to Hanoi to meet up with my boyfriend and we’ll be travelling down the coast of Vietnam and across to Cambodia together. After these two weeks he’ll head back to London and I’ll be on my own again.

Next stop is Penang in Malaysia to eat lots of street food, look at some great architecture and hang out by the beach before ultimately flying to Hong Kong, my last stop on this trip where I’ll be visiting some lovely friends!

This is me in Hong Kong almost 10 years ago now, trying to throw a paper with a wish tied to an orange into the Lam Tsuen wishing tree. I remember that I just didn’t manage to make it stay on one of the branches, much to the entertainment of my friends.


Anyway, in total this means for me:

  • new countries: 4
  • countries that I know are great and I can’t wait to go back to: 2

Works for me!

Please leave a reply if you have any travel advice or tips for must see places for any of these parts of the world!

I’m planning to blog about my experiences now that I have all this travel writing knowledge, so stay tuned…

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