Robot restaurant – Can Japan get any crazier?

Words cannot describe what I experienced at this show that I saw in Tokyo. It was mental, really.


The Robot Restaurant is a popular tourist attraction in Shinjuku. The name Robot Restaurant doesn’t actually describe it very well. It’s not really a restaurant and it doesn’t only have robots. It has lots of different machines and contraptions and even more Japanese girl dancers, who seem to wear less and less over the course of the show.

I took some pictures but if you want to get an even better feel for what it was like, watch my little video on YouTube.

Spectators sit in three rows on either side of an aisle where the show happens. Robots and girls do come very close, much to the excitement of a lot of Japanese men and much to the confusion of everyone else.


But before we headed down to the second or third basement level where the show takes place, we had to wait in the waiting area that looked like this:


By the time that I had been in there for five minutes I was so high on neon lights, glitter and the reflections thereof, that I wondered if I’d ever be able to calm down enough to sleep that night.

Walking down to the basement. Don’t take the lift or you’ll miss out on this:


The first act reminded me a bit of Beijing opera or something like this. With neon colours and flickering lights and loud drums.



I started chatting with the man in the seat next to me who turned out to be a famous doctor and insisted on taking this photo of me.


He was at the show with two friends: a Japanese comedian (who some of the audience recognised) and an actress. He invited me to go for dinner with them but unfortunately I had other plans.

Later came the actual robots as I imagined them. And even more clothes came off. I didn’t know if I should scream or laugh or cry or just stay paralysed in my seat. I think I probably did all at once most of the time.





But watch my video to see for yourself. Or even better, go see the show!! It’s definitely worth it.

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