Akihabara – the home of manga nerds and their girlfriends

Akihabara is an area in Tokyo which for me looks like how I imagined Tokyo before I ever came here for the first time. Neon advertising and manga characters everywhere. Vending machines for little manga character phone charms and key chains, DVD shops rammed full of DVDs that I have no idea what they are about. Tons of different books of cartoons.

akihabara akihabara akihabara

I recently read a book about what the Japanese call “moe”. It means the love for fictional characters. Men who try to escape the real world of having to perform as salarymen, being successful and looking after a family, get so into cartoons, that their life is dominated by them. There are computer games where you can date your favourite manga character and recently men have tried to marry manga characters. Very interesting!akihabara

akihabara akihabara

I really don’t understand this world. But I think, unless you are familiar with the Japanese manga culture (which I am not), then it is just not accessible.  akihabara akihabara

All photos taken by me with my L-CA on 35mm film.

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