Tokyo Tsukiji fish market – the tourist friendly part

While there is a big wholesale fish market, there is also a consumer and tourist friendly fish market where you can sample all sorts of fish. It probably doesn’t get any fresher!

Getting up early is recommended, although I think that’s really more for the wholesale fish market, where the hustle and bustle happens before 8am. This part of the fish market is probably open throughout the morning.

FL030003 FL030004 FL030005 FL030010 FL030011

Fish flakes! I really like them. When they are served on top of hot food they look like they’re dancing.


This guy was grilling oysters.

FL030015 FL030016 FL030018 FL030019 FL030025 FL030027 FL030028

He’s just coming from the wholesale market


Tokyo Tsukiji fish market

Tokyo Tsukiji fish market

All photos taken by me on my LC-A+ and LC-Wide on Kodak Portra 400 35mm film.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Tsukiji fish market – the tourist friendly part

  1. Oh I loved this market. Have great memories of stuffing my face with fresh fish there and being amazed about the sheer size of the crabs and some of the fish. I really need to check out the fish market availabilities in Hamburg … I am craving some nice fresh fish. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re welcome! It did actually make me think that I have never been to Hamburg fish market. I assume it’s equally fantastic! You need to check it out and then tell me if it’s worth it. And then we can go next time I visit!

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