Seoul night market eating

After all that cycling along the Han river, Jayna and I went to have dinner at Gwangjang Market.

There are dozens of food stalls offering various fried foods. Pancakes, vegetables, crab sticks and other things that I don’t know what they are.



This lady specialises in insides and other cuts of pork that I didn’t overly fancy going near…


It was busy with locals – a very good sign that we were in the right place!


We walked around and looked at all the different foods. Here are a ton of different kimchis (if that’s the plural of kimchi…). People were buying them to eat at home.




In the end we settled on this stall to eat.


We shared a mixed platter of fried things.


And Jayna introduced me to Makgeolli, Korean rice wine. It’s a thick, slightly fizzy, white liquid and it tastes nice! It goes down very easily at an alcohol content of 6 – 8 per cent. Dangerous stuff! You drinks it from bowls like I’m demonstrating in this picture.


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