Penang street art

I left Cambodia  and got on a plane to my next destination: Malaysia! I had heard from several people that Kuala Lumpur isn’t that great, so I decided to go straight to Georgetown in Penang which I heard had a lot more character and amazing cheap food.

And so it did! I ate my way through Georgetown for five days – but more about that later. For now I want to show you all the great street art that Georgetown is also becoming famous for.

Georgetown street art

Georgetown street artGeorgetown street art

Georgetown street art

Georgetown street art

Georgetown street art

A lot of these works of arts were created by the Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic who came to Penang as a tourist. The story goes that he liked it so much that he stayed for a few years and started to create this street art that is now becoming more and more famous.

I don’t think Ernest did this one though… but it’s so cute!

Georgetown street art

Georgetown also has a lot of these caricatures (see below). They’re made of steel rods and explain the history of specific streets and places in Georgetown. I think it’s really well done and also really interesting to learn about where certain streets get their names from and which market vendors had their stalls where and so on.

Georgetown street art

Overall Georgetown is a wonderfully colourful place!Georgetown street art Georgetown street art

For all photography enthusiasts: I started using my analog cameras again (LC-A+ and LC-Wide) in Georgetown and all my images of Malaysia are shot on 35mm film. I have to say I can really see a difference. I much prefer the look of film. It’s just not as convenient when travelling…

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