Hong Kong – walking Kowloon after dark

It’s been over a month now since I was in Hong Kong and I’ve been busy studying Ruby ever since I got back (read more about that here). But over Christmas I finally found the time to sort through my HK photos.

Hong Kong

I arrived in the early afternoon in the first week of November and checked into the Mei Ho House Youth Hostel in Shek Kip Mei, which I can really recommend! (Whatever you do, don’t choose a hotel in Chungking Mansions – it sounds awful).

Hong Kong

That day I decided to walk from the hostel in the north of Kowloon all the way to the south to meet my friend in Tsim Sha Tsui after work.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

According to Googlemaps the walk was supposed to take 90 minutes but with crowded places, taking photos etc. it took a bit longer.

Hong Kong protest

In the center of Kowloon some of the main streets were still fenced off because of the student protests.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong protests

There weren’t a lot of protesters around when I was there on 5 November – unless they were all inside their tents. But walking along those streets I got the impression that  the students had gotten a bit tired of the protests (understandably).

Hong Kong

It was interesting to see how different the city became, the further south I walked. In the north there was clearly a lot less money and it seemed a bit more Chinese traditional if that’s a good way of putting it. No Gucci but lots of little shops, food stalls and markets.

Hong Kong hawker

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Now compare this to the view from the Avenue of the Stars in the very south of Kowloon across the bay onto the famous skyline of Hong Kong island.

What a difference!

Hong Kong

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