When in Scotland… visit a castle!

Matt and I were in Scotland for a couple of days over New Year’s. Before seeing the fireballers in Stonehaven for Hogmanay, we decided to spend the day exploring Stonehaven and checking out Dunnottar Castle.

Dunnottar Castle

It was cold and windy but we walked all the way from Stonehaven to the castle along the beautiful coastline.

Dunnottar Castle

Even in this grey and cold weather it was an absolutely gorgeous walk. I had to stop every two minutes to just stand and take in the scenery (and take photos).
Dunnottar Castle

This is the view we had when approaching the castle.Dunnottar Castle

It is very well positioned! It would have been impossible to approach the castle unnoticed because any visitors (including us) had to go all the way down the hill first and then up again.Dunnottar Castle

This was inside the castle on one of the highest points.

Dunnottar Castle

The castle mainly consisted of these kinds of ruins. Below is a photo of the chapel where we walked in on a marriage proposal! The man was on one knee and had a ring and everything. Very well done, I have to say.

Dunnottar Castle

This is the view from one of the castle windows. I wish I had that kind of view from my bedroom.

Dunnottar Castle

One thought on “When in Scotland… visit a castle!

  1. Hi Rabea

    Views area amazing. Shame you didn’t take SCout with you, she would have loved the walking! Bx

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