I have just about emerged from a crazy three months of learning how to code – more about that in my other blog (yes, of course I have two. Who doesn’t?!) and was asked to participate in a photography project on Instagram.

Now, I like to make a big deal of how much I’m into my analog photography and how much better photos look when they’re shot on film but in reality, I’m also quite a bit into my instagramming…

Of course I said yes – anything that gets me shooting or at least thinking about photography again is great. And as an added bonus, the project is a collaboration with the wonderful and talented Zana, pictured below, flying with me in Penang last year:

flying people

Anyway, the Ping Pong Project is a fun collaboration between two photographers who alternate in posting photos on the same Instagram account. Or to use the official explanation from the organisers of the project:

#thepingpongproject is a weekly back and forth visual conversation between 2 photographers. a new game starts every monday.

Zana and I have been doing this since Monday and we’ve already racked up quite a few photos. The last one she posted was of yours truly instagramming her food – it made me laugh so much!

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 18.45.19

If you’re interested in our photographic conversation (and comments), head over to the Instagram account:



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