Seems like spring has finally sprung in London


Last week I had the chance to borrow the LC-A 120 camera. It’s the medium format version of the LC-A, a camera that I’ve been using for years and which is probably my favourite camera!

Finally the sun came out and the sky changed its colour from grey to blue, so I was out shooting with a friend and managed to produce a few shots that I really like.

columbia_road arnold_circus blog1

Sun + Fuji Velvia + LC-A 120 is obviously a winning combination!

There’s also an exhibition coming up at the Lomography store in Soho with some of my friends’ and a couple of my own photos. The opening is on 11 April where I’ll be at a wedding in Milan, so will unfortunately miss it, but if you’re interested, more details are on the Lomography website.

house door boat_building

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