Trip to Margate

On Saturday, I went on a day trip to Margate together with a small group of my analog photography enthusiast friends. We had planned the trip ages ago, so we were lucky that the weather turned out fantastic.

I decided to shoot my Polaroid land camera on that day, using Fuji FP-100c film.

Unlike many other beaches in Southeast England, Margate has sand rather than pebbles.



It was a wonderful sunny day and we found a few good photo opportunities of the faded seaside glamour that we were hoping to see.bimg326




bimg335We had fish and chips for lunch as is the unwritten rule of going to the seaside in England.

bimg333bimg344bimg355We checked out the free Turner Contemporary museum which currently shows a really good exhibition by the British artist Grayson Perry.

This is the museum café.


Margate also has quite a few vintage shops which seemed to charge a lot lower prices than their London counterparts. Mainly furniture and some neon signs like this.



And we saw some art in what the artist,Charlie Evaristo-Boyce, claimed was the smallest art gallery. These screenprints were created by him.bimg340

Margate Dreamland, the amusement park had just recently reopened after a refurbishment and hipsterification and we were keen to check it out. Unfortunately not all the rides were open yet but they still charged the full price to get in, so we just took some photos from the outside. It looked pretty good though and we all said we would be keen on going back when it’s a bit more finished.


Overall, I was really impressed with Margate. I guess it helped that I had quite low expectations because a lot of people told me that it would be quite chavy (and having been to Southend which is extremely chavy, I was fearing the worst). But the chaviness level wasn’t so bad and the sandy beach and wonderful weather made it seem like a lovely place!


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