How to make Sarah’s Asian slaw

My friend Sarah recently made this fantastic Asian slaw salad. I tried it at home and somehow it wasn’t as good as hers… Turned out I’d accidentally omitted half of the ingredients. So a few weeks later she showed me how to do it properly.

Tonight I tried it again and I think this time I got it pretty much right! Although it still tastes better when Sarah makes it. Just like sandwiches taste better when mum makes them.

Asian slaw in 10 easy steps

1. Wash some kale

2. Massage said kale

3. Thinly slice some red cabbage (thinner than pictured. I was too lazy)

4. Grate some carrots

5. Now come the mint and coriander

6. Roughly chop

7. Finally come to terms with the fact that your chosen salad bowl is too small

8. Move everything to a bigger bowl

9. Make a dressing out of two parts soy sauce, two parts sesame oil, one part agave sirup (you can use honey if you don’t take your veganism too seriously).

10. Also, juice of half a lemon



Enjoy with some avocado sandwiches. Smother avocado in Sriracha. Trust me.

I mean, look at these colours! All recipe credits go to Sarah, the queen of Asian slaw.

2 thoughts on “How to make Sarah’s Asian slaw

  1. Wow! Sounds delicious…have to try it myself. I will try it with omitting the agave sirup. Somehow I am not into dressings with sugary ingredients.

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