Brescia is only a 1.5 hour train ride away from Bergamo, so we decided to take a day trip there. Brescia is the second largest city in the region of Lombardy in Northern Italy.

On the way there we changed trains at Treviglio and had to board an extremely packed train. So I’d recommend taking one of the direct trains even if they’re not as frequent on a Saturday morning.

The walk from the train station to the old town area was a bit depressing… but it got better.

Our plan was to arrive in Brescia and find a place for lunch. But we’d had quite an extensive breakfast and weren’t hungry yet. So we decided to have a little beer aperitif in this alleyway bar which looked cool.

However, the problem with this strategy was that in Italy you always get food when you order drinks. Some olives, crisps… things like that. So we got that and ate it of course and were even less hungry after!

We walked up to the Capitolium Temple to get our Roman ruins fix. It was pretty cool!

You could walk around these ruins for free. But there was also a fenced off part and a museum which you could only access with a ticket.

We realised it was approaching 3pm and lunch places might close, so we quickly went and had some average pasta and came back to the Capitolium to buy a ticket and get the full experience.

Unfortunately it was a waste of money really. The museum was pretty boring except this scary artefact here.

And the fenced off area, into which we were now allowed to go, showed this amphitheatre ruin and some really odd and random round plates standing around.

So we left a bit disappointed and walked up to the castle. The castle was much better! We got some great views of Brescia. And it was all free! No tickets necessary.

Then we walked all the way back down into the city to look at some more famous buildings. We checked out Piazza della Loggia which randomly had a digger obstructing my photo of the town hall.

I mean, it wasn’t even digging anything up! It just seemed to distribute some soil. Odd.

And that concluded our day in Brescia!


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