How to make Sarah’s Asian slaw

My friend Sarah recently made this fantastic Asian slaw salad. I tried it at home and somehow it wasn’t as good as hers… Turned out I’d accidentally omitted half of the ingredients. So a few weeks later she showed me how to do it properly.

Tonight I tried it again and I think this time I got it pretty much right! Although it still tastes better when Sarah makes it. Just like sandwiches taste better when mum makes them.

Asian slaw in 10 easy steps

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When in Scotland… eat fried goods

One aspect I really enjoy about travelling is sampling the local cuisine wherever I go. So I did the same in Scotland and had some interesting food experiences.

On the first day we arrived in Aberdeen at around 10am so we dumped off our bags at the hotel and decided to get some traditional breakfast.

We weren’t quite sure where to go so decided to check out the little shopping centre near our hotel. Inside were a number of places to eat. It looked like a food court!

Scottish food

We chose the restaurant in the back of the centre (looked most authentic). You could choose your own breakfast items at the counter.

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Seoul food

A very important part of experiencing a foreign culture is of course sampling the food. Yes, I’m making excuses for basically just eating a lot while I was in Seoul. Ha!

One of the most famous foods is probably the Korean BBQ. It’s so good! You can order different cuts of meat and grill it at your table. With the meat come a lot of different side dishes. Kimchi is a staple but we also got other vegetables, rice and lettuce leaves to wrap the meat in once cooked.


Some of the meat is pre-cut but some isn’t. The larger pieces are put on the barbecue and then need to be cut up with the scissors provided, as Jayna demonstrates below.

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A good German breakfast

When I go to Berlin, I always like to have a nice German breakfast. It’s great sitting with friends, drinking coffees and eating  tons of different things on bread.

Last weekend we had breakfast in a cafe called Osswald at Prenzlauer Berg. It was a hot day but we managed to find a table outside in the shade. It was lovely!

Here’s a selection of what we had:

Brekkie 2

Brekkie 3

Brekkie 1