A Japanese breakfast or why I love London

While I’m currently preparing for a big trip through Asia, I’ve recently also had very strong feelings about London. Positive feelings.

I love travelling but I love living in London as much. And I think one of the reason for it is that living in London is a bit like constant travelling. You meet people from all over the world, you can go to China Town and take in the smells of Asia (it stinks) and you can probably get relatively authentic food from almost any country in the world.

Which brings me to the lovely Japanese breakfast I had yesterday in Koya Bar in Soho.

See the breakfast menu?

my reflection in koya bar window

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Germany won the football World Cup. How exciting! I watched the match with my friends and supported Germany to my best ability: wearing a black-red-yellow flower necklace, eating sausages and potato salad, drinking beer, shouting at the TV, hiding behind a pillow every time an Argentine player came close to our goal.

Yet, when I came into the office on Monday and a lot of my colleagues actually came up to my desk to congratulate me on it, I was a bit confused. I mean, I’m glad that they’re happy for me but it’s not like I actually played! I just happen to be from a country which also happens to have some good football players.

And that reminded me of the time when the team that my boyfriend supports was promoted to the Premier League. The amount of text messages and emails he got to congratulate him. As if he had actually anything to do with it!

Football is a funny thing. People take it so personally.

Mitchell and Webb did a great sketch about this topic. It’s a few years old but it’s relevant as ever. Watch it, it’s brilliant.

The National in Hyde Park (12 July 2014)

I went to see the wonderful band The National play in Hyde Park  at the weekend. The gig was part of a concert series called British Summer Time. The headliner of the day  was actually Neil Young but The National played on the main stage for about an hour before the headliner came on.


BP1010935 BP1010926

BP1010939 BP1010913 BP1010918The played a great set. I wish it had been a bit longer. I felt like the band really connected with the audience, especially the singer. He came down from the stage and went into the audience for one of the last songs.

He seems like a very interesting character. He really gets into the songs when he’s singing – to the degree that I worried that he would explode. When he’s not singing, he doesn’t stop pacing up and down the stage like a caged lion. Definitely an intense guy. I really need to watch the recently released film called “Mistaken for strangers” about him and the relationship with his brother. Apparently it’s very good.

But here are some more photos from the gig.


I also recorded a couple of videos which I published on YouTube. Click the links below to watch them.

The National – England

The National – Afraid of everyone

I took all photos and videos myself.


Lego bus stop in London

Today I came across this awesome bus stop. I had heard about it but hadn’t seen it until today.

BIMG_6041 BIMG_6038

It’s made of Lego bricks!!!

Let’s have a closer look.

BIMG_6034 BIMG_6045 BIMG_6047

So cool! From further away it looks just like a normal bus stop but if you look more closely, you see that everything is made of Lego.

BIMG_6021 BIMG_6022 BIMG_6013

And on the inside as well.


They even created a ceiling lamp! I’m not sure if it works though.


And the bus countdown, which is normally a digital display, is made of bricks too.


This young lady is sitting on bricks.

BIMG_6030 BIMG_6029

This bus stop was created to celebrate the ‘Year of the bus’ in London. Lego used more than 100,000 bricks to build this full size, fully functional (except the digital display) bus stop.

Apparently it took 14 days to build. I wish they had made a red Lego double-decker bus to go with it.

Some more information about it is on the TfL website.

All photos taken by me on my iPhone 5s.