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Shoreditch street art


My parents came to visit this week and requested to see some of the street art in Shoreditch. Of course I obliged to such a surprising and uncharacteristic request by a couple of people in their 60s.

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A weekend in the rural North of England

A couple of weeks ago we went to Darlington in County Durham to visit Matt’s mum Barbara. She recently moved there after living in London for most of her life.

A bit of a change from Bermondsey to wake up to this view every day!


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Trip to Margate

On Saturday, I went on a day trip to Margate together with a small group of my analog photography enthusiast friends. We had planned the trip ages ago, so we were lucky that the weather turned out fantastic.

I decided to shoot my Polaroid land camera on that day, using Fuji FP-100c film.

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When in Scotland… eat fried goods

One aspect I really enjoy about travelling is sampling the local cuisine wherever I go. So I did the same in Scotland and had some interesting food experiences.

On the first day we arrived in Aberdeen at around 10am so we dumped off our bags at the hotel and decided to get some traditional breakfast.

We weren’t quite sure where to go so decided to check out the little shopping centre near our hotel. Inside were a number of places to eat. It looked like a food court!

Scottish food

We chose the restaurant in the back of the centre (looked most authentic). You could choose your own breakfast items at the counter.

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