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Cruising around the Mekong river delta

We had a wonderful day in the Mekong river delta on our little boat which took us from one interesting attraction to the next. Relaxation on the boat was very important:

mekong river

The Mekong river has floating villages, meaning people who live on houseboats and buy their groceries from vendors on other boats. Really interesting to see!

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Ho Chi Minh City – formerly known as Saigon

Saigon (excuse me if I’m still using the old name but it’s just shorter!) is about one hour flight away from Hue, so we took an early morning flight to get there.

We arrived in a place with blue skies, modern looking buildings and traffic that seemed to at least loosely adhere to some kind of rules. Very nice!

We went to see the Reunification Palace, which was the home and workplace of the president of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Saigon reunification palace

Reunification palace Saigon

We immediately really liked the architecture of the Reunification Palace. And when we went inside, we were even more impressed. The rooms looked like a cool mix of 60s style interior with Vietnamese traditional paraphernalia.

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Once we left the rainy and backpackery Hoi An, things were looking up for us. We drove across a mountain pass with a nice view and were heading to Hue.

View over the bay in Vietnam

On the way we stopped in a seafood restaurant. Matt and I weren’t really hungry as we had a big hotel breakfast and it was only 11am or so. However, our guide convinced us to at least try the clams with lemongrass and I’m glad he did because they were very, very tasty! It was one of those restaurants where you select the live creatures from different aquariums or buckets in this case. So you can be sure that everything is definitely fresh.

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So much rain in Hoi An

When we arrived in Hoi An, it wasn’t raining. So we had a pretty average dinner in the street near our hotel. The area turned out to be backpacker central. A lot of young Westerners with their parents’ money to blow, getting excited about cheap beer. Oh boy.

Anyway, the next morning we woke up and the view from our window was that. Grey sky!


And then it rained and rained…

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Ha Long Bay – a cruise that made us amazing

Our second stop on our tour through Vietnam was Ha Long Bay, in the North of the country. It’s an incredibly beautiful bay with thousands of limestone mini islands dotted around.

We had a 24 hour cruise booked on a small boat with 10 or so rooms.

A stripy couple on the small boat that took us to the cruise ship.


And this was our boat where we stayed over night.

Halong Bay

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