Mercado do Bolhão


When I recently went to Porto, we visited this great market which sells a selection of fruit and veg, meat (dead and alive), fish (dead), tea towels, aprons, souvenirs and probably a few other things that I can’t remember now.

It was great for photography too, so my friend and I shot up the place.

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Trip to Margate

On Saturday, I went on a day trip to Margate together with a small group of my analog photography enthusiast friends. We had planned the trip ages ago, so we were lucky that the weather turned out fantastic.

I decided to shoot my Polaroid land camera on that day, using Fuji FP-100c film.

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Two days in Copenhagen

This week I spent two nights and two days in Copenhagen with my very good friend Katie from Hong Kong. £56 return flight with Ryanair for two people! Don’t mind if I do.

We arrived in the early afternoon and as the weather was cold and grey, we decided to go to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which is about a half hour train ride outside of Copenhagen.

On the way I noticed three things which I found a bit curious or at least noteworthy: bikes, hats and lamps.

Let’s start with the bikes. Copenhagen seems to have an incredible amount of cyclists and bikes around. There are cycle lanes everywhere and there are more cyclists than pedestrians. We later learnt that there are five times as many bikes as people in Copenhagen.

bike-tree bike-red-house

Next observation: hats. We noticed several young people wearing the same hats all over the city.

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Seems like spring has finally sprung in London


Last week I had the chance to borrow the LC-A 120 camera. It’s the medium format version of the LC-A, a camera that I’ve been using for years and which is probably my favourite camera!

Finally the sun came out and the sky changed its colour from grey to blue, so I was out shooting with a friend and managed to produce a few shots that I really like. Continue reading