Is it possible to starve on a plane?

plane wing view

There’s nothing worse than starting the descent to your destination after a long-distance flight and feeling hungry. OK, there are of course worse things like war and racism and people like Putin having so much power. So let’s say it’s ‘rather unpleasant’ to be hungry on a plane.

After a 10 hour flight of eating airplane food which is basically designed to keep the toilet queue short, I usually feel a mixture of sick and hungry. If I’m lucky I get some dry croissant or sandwich just before the descent starts but that still doesn’t really do it for me. And then, by the time, the plane finally touches down and you finally get into the airport (probably via some stupid bus because the plane parked miles away), stand in the immigration queue for ages with no access to food or water… I’m just not amused.

And that is why I come prepared!

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