Discovering new places in my hometown

I’m spending some time in my hometown in Germany this weekend and my parents took me to a new (to me) place today. It’s quite an impressive combination of flower shop, gift shop, home decor shop and cafe with an outside seating area.

Altes Stadthaus in Alfeld

Altes Stadthaus in Alfeld

Pflanzen zu Verkauf im alten Stadthause

It’s called “Altes Stadthaus” (= Old Townhouse). We sat outside and had coffee and a cookie.

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Cardigan Club Cafe

*** Update 23 June 2014: This cafe is unfortunately closed down now. Very sad! :( ┬áNow I have to get my breakfast elsewhere…***

I’ve been smitten with that new cafe in Tufnell Park, the Cardigan Club Cafe, ever since I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. I think it has been open for a few months now but the outside is relatively inconspicuous. I guess that’s why it hadn’t really caught my eye.

It has really cute decoration and you can tell that the owners put a lot of effort into it and have great attention to detail. The walls are covered with a mix of cardigans, Vietnamese rice bags, old knitting magazines in picture frames and tons of other stuff. Upstairs they have comfy couches and book shelves. Downstairs they have tables and a three window seats where you can look outside into the street. They also have some vintage props like an old typewriter and sewing machine.

The food is a mix of Vietnamese and French. The coffee is good and so far I’ve tried the Vietnamese breakfast omelette (“Yellow Fever” – also comes in bread roll) and the garlic pork pork banh mi baguette. Both were excellent and I’m sure I’ll go back there very soon!