That time I went on holiday in high season

When my long planned holiday fell through, I had to look for alternatives on a short notice. Well, I didn’t have to but I was determined that I would go away. My criteria for that plan B holiday were:

  • a country that I have never been to
  • it needs to have beaches
  • it needs to have some opportunities for a few cultural day trips
  • not too expensive
  • not too far away
  • flights fitting in with my schedule

All these criteria were met by Croatia! And everybody says that it’s beautiful. So I booked my flights and flew the next day. Turns out, I hadn’t even considered that it would be high season and that it’s a very popular holiday destination for obnoxious families with annoying children. Who would have thought?

Here are some photos I took when I arrived at Okrug Beach, “Trogir’s Copacabana”.

CNV00005 CNV00008

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A rainy day in Split

After my flight to Israel was cancelled for security reasons, I wanted to find a different holiday destination. I wasn’t going to let my summer holiday be taken away from me by a war! So I decided to go somewhere new, a country that I had never been to before. I found a flight to Split in Croatia and a hotel in Trogir. I’m staying here for five nights.

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of thunderstorms and heavy rain. It’s not supposed to rain on a summer holiday! So I decided to take the taxi boat to Split and do some sightseeing.
on the boat to split
view from the ferry to split
rainy boat ride in croatia
rainy croatian sea

And it rained and rained but I decided that the colourful umbrellas actually made my photos looks more interesting.


I saw the cathedral which was small and full of obnoxious tourists who completely ignored the “no photography” signs. One even pushed me out of the way to get a better photo angle. What is wrong with these people?

In the Jupiter chapel I saw that Jupiter was making a rude gesture to exactly those tourists but they didn’t seem to notice.
tiny streets in split croatia

main square in split croatia

I left the Diocletian’s Palace area and luckily the number of obnoxious tourists declined.

It still rained heavily but a lot of people still had their laundry outside.
laundry hanging outside in split croatia

laundry in split croatia

scenic split croatia

Most of the market stalls were closed due to rain…
market in split

market in split croatia

market in split croatia

market in split croatia

But the streets looked nice and shiny in the rain.



And finally the skies weren’t as dark anymore and the rain wasn’t as heavy.
rainy streets in split croatia

rainy streets in split croatia

rainy streets in split croatia

And the rain stopped! So I had (a terrible) lunch of Greek salad (on recommendation of the waiter) and prawn risotto and walked back down to the harbour.

flowers in split croatia

Look at the tiniest stop sign that the traffic warden has. Hahaha!
traffic warden in split croatia

View from the taxi boat onto Trogir, where I’m staying.
taxi boat to trogir

view onto trogir

When I arrived I practically ran to the beach and jumped into the sea.