Seoul food

A very important part of experiencing a foreign culture is of course sampling the food. Yes, I’m making excuses for basically just eating a lot while I was in Seoul. Ha!

One of the most famous foods is probably the Korean BBQ. It’s so good! You can order different cuts of meat and grill it at your table. With the meat come a lot of different side dishes. Kimchi is a staple but we also got other vegetables, rice and lettuce leaves to wrap the meat in once cooked.


Some of the meat is pre-cut but some isn’t. The larger pieces are put on the barbecue and then need to be cut up with the scissors provided, as Jayna demonstrates below.

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Is it possible to starve on a plane?

plane wing view

There’s nothing worse than starting the descent to your destination after a long-distance flight and feeling hungry. OK, there are of course worse things like war and racism and people like Putin having so much power. So let’s say it’s ‘rather unpleasant’ to be hungry on a plane.

After a 10 hour flight of eating airplane food which is basically designed to keep the toilet queue short, I usually feel a mixture of sick and hungry. If I’m lucky I get some dry croissant or sandwich just before the descent starts but that still doesn’t really do it for me. And then, by the time, the plane finally touches down and you finally get into the airport (probably via some stupid bus because the plane parked miles away), stand in the immigration queue for ages with no access to food or water… I’m just not amused.

And that is why I come prepared!

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Holiday eating

I’m back from our American road trip through the Pacific Northwest! One of the things that I was really looking forward to before the trip was the food. Juicy burgers, pancakes with bacon, ribs, huge pizzas was what I had on my mind.

I took a photo of each meal that I ate to document this aspect of our trip.

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We usually ate two meals a day. A late breakfast/brunch and dinner. In between were loads of snack which I didn’t document. But I need to share one particular snack experience as it grew close to our hearts.

Enter the cheese balls…

I first came across them in the American TV show The Office. Here’s a YouTube clip with one of the key cheese ball scenes. We bought ours at Wallmart.

But on to some more meals…

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The Manitou Lodge was an amazing guest house which we stayed in on the Olympic Peninsula. It is a bed and breakfast without a breakfast room so they prepared all these wonderful foods the night before, put them in our fridge and we ate them at the table we had in the bigger one of our two rooms. It was really lovely.

After our little road trip we went back to Seattle for the last few days.

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All photos taken by me with my iPhone 5s.

Cardigan Club Cafe

*** Update 23 June 2014: This cafe is unfortunately closed down now. Very sad! :(  Now I have to get my breakfast elsewhere…***

I’ve been smitten with that new cafe in Tufnell Park, the Cardigan Club Cafe, ever since I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. I think it has been open for a few months now but the outside is relatively inconspicuous. I guess that’s why it hadn’t really caught my eye.

It has really cute decoration and you can tell that the owners put a lot of effort into it and have great attention to detail. The walls are covered with a mix of cardigans, Vietnamese rice bags, old knitting magazines in picture frames and tons of other stuff. Upstairs they have comfy couches and book shelves. Downstairs they have tables and a three window seats where you can look outside into the street. They also have some vintage props like an old typewriter and sewing machine.

The food is a mix of Vietnamese and French. The coffee is good and so far I’ve tried the Vietnamese breakfast omelette (“Yellow Fever” – also comes in bread roll) and the garlic pork pork banh mi baguette. Both were excellent and I’m sure I’ll go back there very soon!