Baden in Baden-Baden

The German word “baden” means “to bathe”. And bathe we did when Matt and I went to Baden-Baden in South-West Germany last weekend. But we didn’t only take advantage of the thermal spas in this small town in the Black Forest. We also climbed a mountain, checked out a casino from the 19th century and sampled some of the local cuisine.

Even though I’ve lived most of my life in Germany, any place south of Frankfurt is pretty much completely alien to me. So going to Baden-Baden felt almost like an exotic holiday. I’d heard years ago that the town has thermal spas, and I’ve been wanting to check it out ever since.

Ryanair flights from Stansted are cheap and go directly to Baden-Baden’s tiny airport, which used to be a Canadian airbase.

When we arrived on Friday afternoon we soon realised that the bus to Baden-Baden station only goes once an hour. A taxi into town costs around €50, so we decided we’d rather spend our money on beer and pretzels at the only airport café and wait around for the next bus.


After 40 minutes we finally took the bus to the station, changed onto another bus to the town center and checked into our Airbnb. It was really roomy and clean. I can recommend it.

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If you ask me where I am from…

People often ask me where I’m from and depending on how interested and how well versed with German geography I think they are, I either say:

  • Northern Germany
  • Hanover
  • a small town near Hanover
  • Alfeld near Hildesheim

So when I went back earlier this year I took a lot of photos. And next time someone asks me where I’m from and I get the feeling that they are REALLY interested, I’ll give them the link to this post.

Here are some shots of the town centre.

Here are some shots of cows which live very close to the town centre.

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Discovering new places in my hometown

I’m spending some time in my hometown in Germany this weekend and my parents took me to a new (to me) place today. It’s quite an impressive combination of flower shop, gift shop, home decor shop and cafe with an outside seating area.

Altes Stadthaus in Alfeld

Altes Stadthaus in Alfeld

Pflanzen zu Verkauf im alten Stadthause

It’s called “Altes Stadthaus” (= Old Townhouse). We sat outside and had coffee and a cookie.

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Germany won the football World Cup. How exciting! I watched the match with my friends and supported Germany to my best ability: wearing a black-red-yellow flower necklace, eating sausages and potato salad, drinking beer, shouting at the TV, hiding behind a pillow every time an Argentine player came close to our goal.

Yet, when I came into the office on Monday and a lot of my colleagues actually came up to my desk to congratulate me on it, I was a bit confused. I mean, I’m glad that they’re happy for me but it’s not like I actually played! I just happen to be from a country which also happens to have some good football players.

And that reminded me of the time when the team that my boyfriend supports was promoted to the Premier League. The amount of text messages and emails he got to congratulate him. As if he had actually anything to do with it!

Football is a funny thing. People take it so personally.

Mitchell and Webb did a great sketch about this topic. It’s a few years old but it’s relevant as ever. Watch it, it’s brilliant.