Walking up Mt. Ingwangsan in Seoul

Seoul is located in a basin and is surrounded by four mountains. We decided to walk around and up Ingwangsan and were rewarded with spectacular city views. We also came across several different temples and shrines.

It was incredible – we just took the metro to a stop in the north west of Seoul. It wasn’t even outside the city! At the start of our walk we saw these beautiful and detailed murals.



Further up we came across this shamanist shrine.

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Seoul food

A very important part of experiencing a foreign culture is of course sampling the food. Yes, I’m making excuses for basically just eating a lot while I was in Seoul. Ha!

One of the most famous foods is probably the Korean BBQ. It’s so good! You can order different cuts of meat and grill it at your table. With the meat come a lot of different side dishes. Kimchi is a staple but we also got other vegetables, rice and lettuce leaves to wrap the meat in once cooked.


Some of the meat is pre-cut but some isn’t. The larger pieces are put on the barbecue and then need to be cut up with the scissors provided, as Jayna demonstrates below.

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Seoul fashion week at Dongdaemun Design Plaza


Dongdaemun Design Plaza is a landmark building in Seoul with really unique architecture. A lot of curves and ups and downs. Very futuristic looking.


It was designed by Zaha Hadid, who – amongst many other buildings – also created the London Aquatics Centre (click here for photos of it).


We originally just went to check out the architecture and take photos of the unique structures of the DDP. Turns out, we picked the day that was the start of Seoul Fashion Week!

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Cycling along the river into the Seoul sunset

I left Japan and headed over to Seoul in South Korea. Coincidentally the lovely Jayna was in town, so I spent my time with her. It was really nice to have a like minded travel companion (priorities: food and photography) who knew the city a bit, so could show me some great places to go.

Check out Jayna’s Instagram feed for lots of amazing photos from Korea and elsewhere. http://instagram.com/jayna

We met up in the afternoon and hired bikes to cycle along the Han River. It was beautiful during the sunset.


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