End of the Road Festival 2014

I just got back from a weekend of camping at the End of the Road Festival in Larmer Tree Gardens in South Wiltshire in England (kind of where Stonehenge is).

It was probably one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to! It was very friendly, with great music, some art installations, comedy, films and a lot of different food options. No crazy teenagers getting wasted, no overflowing toilets (sorry for the graphic description but I’ve seen it all!), no camping on top of each other.

It was relaxing and a lot of fun! Here are some photos of the weekend.

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Field Day 2014 in Victoria Park

On Sunday I spent the day at the Field Day in Victoria Park in East London.

The Field Day is an annual music festival which I’ve been to three or four times over the last years. It has grown significantly since the first time I went and this was the first year that it took place over two days rather than just one. On Sunday the festival was headlined by the Pixies, a band that I’ve been wanting to see play live for ages.

The festival also has some really good food stalls. I implemented a two meal strategy – I ate early, so that I could eat again later on and hence fit in two meals. The first was a Greek steak and halloumi sandwich. The second was Jamaican jerk chicken salad. Very tasty but very spicy.

We were also very lucky with the weather. It was a hot sunny day.

A London based band called Temples was playing in the afternoon. I really like them, so was happily dancing along when suddenly the man with the globe head appeared. Spot him in the photos below. Wow!

We also saw the Horrors and finally the Pixies. They played many of their famous song including ‘Where’s my mind’ as their last song. Really good!

I just had a look on YouTube and there’s already a video of the Pixies performing ‘Here comes your man’ at the Field Day. Credit: S Sunege

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All photos taken by myself on my iPhone 5s. The video is from YouTube – credit as per above.