Lunch in Nakameguro

I can confirm that there is indeed a yummy mummy lunch and coffee area in Tokyo. And that area is Nakameguro.



It’s a lovely area but it definitely has an element of wealthy young mums showing off the latest baby fashion and hi-tech prams. Luckily Japanese children are quite well behaved compared to their western counterparts.

I went to that area the other day because it was near the Airbnb flat that I had rented and I had come across the area a couple of times when I was researching my Tokyo trip. Words like “hip”, “designers” and “subculture” came up which made me curious.





The neighbourhood’s focus point is the Meguro river. Apparently it used to be heavily polluted but as it got cleaned up in recent years, more and more cafes, restaurants and boutiques opened along the banks. What originally started as a hipster area with quirky little shops has now become a bit more of a grown up area with more expensive independent shops and many European style restaurants.





It’s nice to spend a couple of hours walking up and down the river if it’s sunny out. I ended up having lunch in the Hawaiian restaurant at the top of this post. It was nice to sit outside and do some people watching. The food was good too. I had a rice bowl with something like chili con tofu (there was no carne on offer).




DSCF0770.JPGAll photos taken by me with my Fujifilm X10 digital camera. Trying out digital for convenience… but it’s just not the same!

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