I have just about emerged from a crazy three months of learning how to code – more about that in my other blog (yes, of course I have two. Who doesn’t?!) and was asked to participate in a photography project on Instagram.

Now, I like to make a big deal of how much I’m into my analog photography and how much better photos look when they’re shot on film but in reality, I’m also quite a bit into my instagramming…

Of course I said yes – anything that gets me shooting or at least thinking about photography again is great. And as an added bonus, the project is a collaboration with the wonderful and talented Zana, pictured below, flying with me in Penang last year:

flying people

Anyway, the Ping Pong Project is a fun collaboration between two photographers who alternate in posting photos on the same Instagram account. Or to use the official explanation from the organisers of the project:

#thepingpongproject is a weekly back and forth visual conversation between 2 photographers. a new game starts every monday.

Zana and I have been doing this since Monday and we’ve already racked up quite a few photos. The last one she posted was of yours truly instagramming her food – it made me laugh so much!

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 18.45.19

If you’re interested in our photographic conversation (and comments), head over to the Instagram account:



My Lomo gallery

I’ve been shooting Lomo photos for a few years and wanted to show some of them on my blog.

Check out my Lomo gallery page

Glas and flowers

But what is Lomo? Lomo is short for Lomography which was dreamt up by some guys in Austria 30 years ago. They became obsessed with the LOMO LC-A Compact Automat camera, produced by a manufacturer in St Petersburg. This camera creates some unique effects and high contrast colours. The Austrian guys founded the Lomography company and became sole distributors of this camera.

Lomography Workshop: Roller Disco!

These days it is manufactured in China but it is still a great little point and shoot camera. The Lomography company has created dozens more cameras, ranging from cheap toy cameras to more expensive and more reliable cameras. All cameras are analog cameras. A big part of the philosophy is to connect people – through their online community, through workshops and parties in their stores worldwide.

I personally met some great friends in London through this community and also learnt a lot about photography. By now I have acquired a reasonable vintage and toy camera collection and have learnt how to develop my own photos.

Smiley faces


All photos shot by me using a Sprocket Rocket, Colorsplash camera and Diana Mini. These are all Lomography cameras.

Classic Car Boot Sale

My friend asked me if I wanted to come to the Classic Car Boot Sale on Southbank with her. Luckily I said yes because the weather turned out to be gorgeous and the event was great.

We mainly went to take photos. These kinds of events are great to practice portrait photography skills – first ask nicely, then shoot! I hadn’t done this for a while and could feel that I was out of practise. First my camera broke (luckily I had a back up camera on me from my collection) and then I didn’t have enough rolls of film. Luckily my friend helped me out.

There were a lot of people dressed in 50s or 60s vintage outfits. Whole families including little kids that looked like they had just arrived via a time machine from another decade. And most people were happy to have their photo taken.  I’m sure the sun helped and put everyone in a good mood.

All photos shot on my Olympus Trip 35 camera on 35mm film.