When in Scotland… eat fried goods

One aspect I really enjoy about travelling is sampling the local cuisine wherever I go. So I did the same in Scotland and had some interesting food experiences.

On the first day we arrived in Aberdeen at around 10am so we dumped off our bags at the hotel and decided to get some traditional breakfast.

We weren’t quite sure where to go so decided to check out the little shopping centre near our hotel. Inside were a number of places to eat. It looked like a food court!

Scottish food

We chose the restaurant in the back of the centre (looked most authentic). You could choose your own breakfast items at the counter.

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Hogmanay fireballs ceremony in Stonehaven

Stonhaven fireballers

I spent New Years Eve 2014 in Scotland to see a very curious custom: the fireball parade in Stonehaven.

Stonehaven is a little village near Aberdeen and it seemed like the whole village plus a few tourists gather to see the fireballers at midnight. The idea is that the fire burns the bad spirits of the old year to make space for fresh spirits of the new year.

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