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Penang street food

One of the reasons why I came to Georgetown in Penang is that I heard that it has got amazing street food. And it’s true! You can eat very well for very little money while sitting on plastic chairs on some street corner.

Penang street food Penang street food

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Seoul night market eating

After all that cycling along the Han river, Jayna and I went to have dinner at Gwangjang Market.

There are dozens of food stalls offering various fried foods. Pancakes, vegetables, crab sticks and other things that I don’t know what they are.



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Fukuoka is the biggest city in Kyushu, which is the third biggest island of Japan, right in the west of the country.

When I came to Fukuoka I had come down with a cold, so was glad to have my own room after being in a dorm for the previous couple of nights. I didn’t do much on the first day except take it easy and check out the shopping centre.

Fukuoka is famous for its food carts which open after dark, so of course I had to try these for dinner.

Here are a couple of these carts which I came across during the day. There were several parked in various locations across the city.


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