Paro Taktsang – Tiger’s Nest Monastery


The Tiger’s Nest Monastery, probably one of the most famous sights of Bhutan, was the destination of our trek on the second day of my Bhutan holiday in October 2018.

This hike was also our practise hike to acclimatise to higher altitude. Paro was at 2,200 meters and the monastery at 3,120 meters. So we almost climbed 1,000 meters that day.

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Arriving in Bhutan

In October I finally went on my long awaited trip to Bhutan.

As it is hard to get a tourist visa if you don’t have an invite or are going with an approved tour operator, I chose to do the latter and book my trip through Exodus. I travelled by myself, but also I didn’t… because I was part of a 15 people strong group.

This was the first time for me to go on an organised tour like this, so I was slightly apprehensive about it. Mainly about what the other people would be like. But I can already reveal now – they were all nice and it was very enjoyable!

We met in Kathmandu, Nepal, to start the holiday. Unfortunately, Kathmandu is a horribly crowded and polluted city. And the only reason I would go back is to pass through it for another Himalayan trekking adventure.

After spending a night in Kathmandu, coughing because of the pollution, staring firmly into drivers eyes to make them stop while crossing the street and dodging crowds of people, dogs (both dead and alive) in the streets, we woke up early to catch our flight to Paro, the only international airport in Bhutan. And what greeted us there, was this:


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